Upcoming Events in 2021

Walking by the brook I will cause them to walk by waterbrooks.
Jeremiah 31:9

Saturday 18th September
Devonport community church 33 Formby Road Devonport
Arrive at 12.30pm for a 1pm start finish at 4pm


Contact Sue on 0408 246922 or church on 6424 5731

The woman with faith in the Lord Jesus Christ will never lack what she needs.

She has unlimited heavenly resources in Christ for every season of her life experience.

Resource enough for every heartache within and every world crisis without.

Soul exercise with the Lord in hard and uncertain times is a humbling thing that does it’s work in the soul to cause our hearts to turn to our Heavenly Father and learn to trust Him more.

This puts us in the right place to appreciate all the unsearchable riches we have in Jesus Christ.

Tough times work in us endurance and increase our desire to receive heavenly resources.

The thirst comes first, then the drinking and then the over flowing.

There is no drought, no hunger, no lack or barrenness in the region of eternal life, quite the contrary it is the blessing, present and eternal satisfaction.


Affectionately in Jesus, Sue McTurk

Women's Bible & Prayer



Every Monday afternoon 1pm—2.30pm @ 33 Formby Road Devonport
(except public holidays)

Currently reading through Isaiah.

Feel free to drop in any time you are able to attend. It is a very relaxed time of sharing around God’s Word.